Montag, 11. August 2014


Hello you all....
Here is a little inspirationally post only for you :-)))
I absolutely love the one with high-top sneakers and the new-york shirt!!! Gorgeous!! I think i will buy some like this! Candice of course is lovely as always-nice jumpsiut! Long skirts and leo-dresses...uhhhh...beautiful! I love the summmmeeeerrr :-)))

Hugs & Kisses,

3 Kommentare:

mademoiselle créative hat gesagt…

Danke für deinen Kommentar! Jaaa.. ich liebe die Shorts so mega. :D xx

Katta hat gesagt…

Wann gibt es was Neues?=)

Allerliebste Grüße,

Style Zombie hat gesagt…

It's a treat to the eyes when outfits are styled perfectly. Truly, deeply and madly in love with these Combo Sets. It is extremely difficult to not love this :)